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Meet Resideo. The same Honeywell Home products you've trusted throughout the years are now apart of Resideo. Together with those same products plus new technologies, we're transforming your home into the most comfortable and secure place you've ever lived.

Control Your Home Comfort

For so long, your thermostat has controlled the temperature in your home. Now it’s your turn. Smart thermostats offer all the classic features but with a few intuitive upgrades, from easy-to-read touchscreen interfaces to location-based scheduling. Stay connected via the Honeywell Home™ app — wherever you are.

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Whole Home Moisture Control
Air that is too dry soaks up everything it touches — your home’s woodwork, wood floors, and furnishings. Air with too much moisture can leave you feeling sticky and your windows full of condensation. Portable dehumidifiers and humidifiers may seem like a solution, but they’re not enough for many homes. Our whole home humidification and dehumidification systems target specific problem areas and help improve comfort while using less energy than portable solutions.

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Breathe Easier

If your home is not properly ventilated, indoor air pollutants can get trapped inside your home. Our ventilation systems create efficient air exchange, so you can enjoy fresher air and save energy.

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